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SGPS, Inc/ Showrig Servo Drive Component Winch System
- Computer & Analog Servo Motor Control System
- Servo Motor Truss System 18" x 30" Box Truss
- F-Type Servo Drive Horizontal Tracking System
-Servo Drive Component Winch System Photos

The SGPS/ ShowRig Servo Motor Component Winch System is a collection of custom manufactured cable winches, trolleys, servo drive motors, Track Truss ® and control systems that can be configured to accommodate your productions specific design criteria. Each component is designed and manufactured to specifications in excess of the highest entertainment industry guidelines. The SGPS/ ShowRig Servo Motor Component Winch System accommodates all sorts of movement of scenic elements, from the heaviest LED screen systems to flying drum risers to “magic carpet” fly the artist platforms to the lightest curtain track.

The packaging of the individual components into an integrated system is determined by  the load it is to carry, variable speed requirements and the direction of movement required (vertical / horizontal or both). The system can be either truss mounted or ground anchored for static lifts as well as several combinations of trolley and Track Truss ® for various horizontal movements.

Any of the servo motor system configurations can be operated with an analog joystick type control for simple moves or computer based motion control for more sophisticated cues. Our “off –the-shelf” component concept for The SGPS/ ShowRig Servo Motor Component Winch System insures that the right combination of hardware and software are used to give your production a customized system at a cost effective price.

As always SGPS/ ShowRig is fully committed to offering the highest quality technology and complete technical support in our areas of expertise to turn your two dimensional concepts into a three dimensional reality!