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The ShowRig Automation System is a fully integrated variety of winches, trolleys, elevators and scenery movers that that can be mixed and matched to facilitate the specific automation needs of your production.
All of the components are powered by top of the line servo motors that are controlled utilizing the most sophisticated computer control system available in the industry. Providing unparallel safety, reliability and accurate range of variable speed movement in any axis, for any kind of show requirement imaginable.
By basing all our automation products around servo motors systems we have leapfrogged other vendors that are still using variable speed chain hoists & conventional ac motors with all the inherent limitations of that outdated technology.

SGPS, Inc./ ShowRig Automation Systems:
•Flying the individual artist or the entire band.
•Moving whole LED walls or individual panels.
•Traveling large heavy scenic pieces to the lightest projection screens or curtains.
•Flying light video cameras to heavy stabilized film cameras.
•Stage elevators to revolves.
•With our wide range of products we have the right piece of equipment for the job.